Geology of Seiyo City and ShikokuGeology of Seiyo City and ShikokuGeology of Seiyo City and Shikoku

Seiyo City is blessed with diverse nature,from sea level to 1,400m in altitude.There,you see the same wild landscape as in ancient times,and enriched people living with gratitude for their gifts of nature.

Access from cities

Access in Seiyo City

Public Transport in Seiyo City

JR Unomachi Station TEL:+81-894-62-0121
Uwajima Bus
Unomachi Sales Office TEL:+81-894-62-1181
[Akehama Area]
Akehama Taxi TEL:+81-894-65-0021
[Mikame Area]
Hifumi Taxi TEL:+81-894-33-0123
[Uwa Area]
Unomachi Taxi TEL:+81-894-62-0510 Tsubame Taxi TEL:+81-894-62-0244
[Nomura Area]
Nomura Taxi TEL:+81-894-72-0151 Meiyo Taxi TEL:+81-894-72-0101
[Shirokawa Area]
Uonashi Taxi TEL:+81-894-82-0038 Okuiyo Kanko (LLC)
Shirokawa Taxi TEL:+81-894-82-0039
Doi Doronko Taxi TEL:+81-894-83-0323
Car rental
[Uwa Area]
Toa Car Rental TEL:+81-894-62-0591 Auto Wave Seiyo TEL:+81-894-62-3430